By Juanita Mic

Wednesday Friends-Day!

My band actually came together because we all played individually at the Theodore’s Open Mic. I started attending in late 2009, and since then, it has become a regular part of my week. I have always been a singer, but I’ve never really had the opportunity to grow in the way that I have at Juanita Mic. I have played at my share of open mics, and even helped to run one for a while, but I have never seen one with the caliber of musicians that consistently come through every week. Some are professional, some are amateur, but all are pretty awesome, and it is inspiring to share a stage with them in such an open and welcoming environment.

I’ve never been much of a freestyler, and I have a very hard time performing music that I am not completely comfortable with. Performing at Theodore’s has helped me come out of my shell a lot more. It’s such a friendly environment that it’s not a big deal if something doesn’t sound quite right one night, because there’s always next week. I’ve had the opportunity to work on my stage presence and have become a much more confident performer.

My favorite thing about Open Mic aside from actually performing at it, is that Shannon records all of the sets every week, and posts them online. This is cool because just like athletes watch their past games and critique their performance, the musicians can listen to their sets and decide what they like, and what they can do better. Plus, if anyone played a particularly awesome set, then its available to listen to later!
– Caity W.


Delicious Ribs & Popcorn!

As a new and young musician might know, playing shows and with others is always a tossup. Sometimes you go to venues that have a style theme that just doesn’t give you the light you need to shine. Some are very competitive and bring you down or give you a bad mentality of what music is all about. After hitting open mic’s down the east coast and many of the one’s in the Western MA area, there was one that really stood out.

When I first showed up to Juanita Mic there was a pleasant vibe floating through the air, aside from the smell of delicious ribs and popcorn. The house band was rocking and people danced between tables and friends. This was already very appealing due to the fact many open mics don’t have that. Most are steel chairs, blank stares and an assembly line of young nervous musicians being called up to the stage like a high school lunch line. Not here, this was where you can meet musician’s who are in it to play, to jam, to stir up that dust on your shoes. This was Juanita Mic.

My First time I went to play I signed up on the list and selected all the members of the house band, (Shannon, Mark, Scott, Jeff king, Jeff Bujak, and others). I had at the time a lot of blues and folk that I played aside from some classic rock covers I’d throw in from time to time. The house band was quick to introduce themselves, which gave a very welcoming vibe. For anyone out there that has never had the opportunity to do improvised jam with people and really open up their ears to new styles and methods, this is a great place to do so.

After going for a few months, what I was good at and what I was lacking became very black and white. Juanita Mic records each open mic which allows you to listen to it a few days after and hear how it sounded. This, in my opinion, is a really good aid to people who don’t get to hear themselves, and lets you learn from it. I started to get a lot more confident when I found my home in playing with other musician’s and my stage presence and attitude was really increased. After just four months of talking to others, musicians and not, I already was starting to form band relations and playing bigger shows.

Juanita Mic is a truly unique experience for any music lover or musician. You never know who you might see, hear, or play with and that is half the fun of it! Every week is a new experience, and every week you get to watch you and others change do to it. If you are a Musician, or a music lover, you will be doing yourself and others a favor by joining us for our Juanita Mic experience!

-Lance S.